Safeworks Solutions | HSE Management Package



This service is designed for small businesses requiring a start in the development of a health and safety management system and will provide guidance for building a suitable system that works for the size and nature of the business. The participants will learn strategies for promoting continual improvement, enhancing worker participation, and for meeting legislative compliance. This service is also suitable for a business with a basic H&S Management System requiring further development.


A 1-2 hour initial meeting either in person, via phone or through a video media will be undertaken to determine what is currently in place and to discuss detail of the clients requirements to tailor the following 1 day training for maximum benefit.


Coaching will provide the business with the ability and resources to effectively:

  • Undertake a review to determine the status of existing HSEMS using basic gap analysis and auditing tools;
  • Define current compliance against applicable legislation;
  • Develop a plan for HSEMS improvement and set robust goals for achievement;
  • Apply risk assessment to the workplace with whole team involvement and develop or update a company specific risk register.


Cost is $2500 +GST (1-2 hour initial meeting, 8 hours coaching)
Note: This package includes health risk and pandemic management approaches and guidance on operating in the ‘new’ normal. How can your business best meet COVID-19 restrictions, keep staff healthy, manage interactions with the public, comply with legislation, return to some sort of business norm and do all of this safely? How can your business play its part to ensure COVID-19 is contained?